Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sony Cybershot DSC P32 Review

I used the Sony DSC-P32 camera for one week under diverse light conditions. The camera reacts really fast, offers good exposure and adds to a high quality print. The compact size allows you to carry it with you in the pocket of your trousers or the inner-pocket. The weight is no obstacle! The basic settings of the camera enable you to use it in diverse situations and conditions, and one who wants just a little bit more than the standard setting can use his or her creativity when using the extra settings. The Sony DSC-P32 is well-worth the money and again this product is another typical Sony product, delivered with charger, 2100mAh batteries and very important a thorough written manual, easy to read and well-illustrated. If you are looking for a digital camera which offers user friendliness and quality, you have to consider the Sony DSC-P32, it's recommendable!

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