Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Motorola RAZR MAXX Ve Review

While the RAZR Ve shares the same dimensions as the V3m, the Ve tweaks some of the shortcomings of its predecessor, starting with the keypad. While maintaining the flat surface and cool blue luminescent backlighting of the V3m, the RAZR Ve's keyboard contains raised lines the delineate each key from the other, making touch-dialing and text-messaging easier than on earlier versions.

The Ve's keypad layout doesn't stray from the V3m's design, with Left and Right soft keys at the top. The Camera / Video key is positioned to the left of the navigation wheel and the Clear or "Back" button sits to the right. A green "Start Call" button and a red "End Call / Power On / Off" button separate navigation bar from the keypad.

Other buttons aligning the sides of the RAZR Ve include Volume Up / Down positioned on the left side above the Music Player activator and a Voice Command activator on the right side.

The 2.0-megapixel camera lens sits squarely in the center at the top of the phone next to the flash. The Ve's rear-facing speaker, while not exactly in the best position for watching video, compensates for its inconvenient placement with good volume capacity, which bodes well for speakerphone users.

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