Friday, October 19, 2007

Nokia 3650 Review

In the past, one major complaint about Nokia's phones like the 6610, was that voice dialing was left out. Apparently Nokia takes stock of what its customers tell them because there's voice dialing in this one. Up to 25 numbers can be programmed into the phone using the phone's voice recorder functionality.

The speakers on this thing aren't bad either. This phone is good for hands-free use to obey those New York laws or if you're a really busy person. Microphone and speaker volume are good enough to be functional - comparable to that of the 6610. Not surprising considering Nokia is known for reusing many of the same parts or designs for many of its phones and just packaging it in a new case.

On a related note to the microphone, one major disappointment was the phone's inability to record sound while it was recording video. Granted, the camera itself isn't that sophisticated and isn't meant for hardcore photographers or movie directors, it seems almost natural to be able to have both voice and picture go together. Maybe Nokia will get it together for future models.

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