Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nokia 6610 Review

Polyphonic ring tones are all the rage these days, and the 6610 definitely delivers. Ring tones are played through a speaker rather than an ordinary buzzer. This means you get improved sound quality for music, alerts, and games.

Proof of the better sound can be heard through the included FM headset. It needs to be plugged into the 6610 in order to access its menu. Once plugged in, its menu lets you present 20 channels or tune to stations. The excellent sound quality is in stereo, and the same headset can be used as a handsfree device.

One of our favorite feature is the loudspeaker mode. It's loud enough so people can hear you clearly while you're within 1 to 2 feet. After 2 feet you'll have to speak up a bit. The incoming voices are loud and clear too. It works great for talking in a moving car, or writing down from a call without having to hold the phone. Only works in quiet places.

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