Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nokia 6800 Review

As expected, the 6800 is packaged with a heavyweight line-up of messaging software. In addition to the normal SMS, MMS, and chat, the 6800 comes with a fully functional email client. It has POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP capabilities, so now you can send and receive emails. The phone also comes with T9 predictive text input to speed up your typing.

With many of the added features, the phone is not by any means small. Compared to other phones, it is large and bulky. However, some people might welcome a phone with a little more weight. It makes typing somewhat easier with more surface area to work with.

Overall the Nokia 6800 is geared towards a specific market. Many people won't use the 6800 to it's full potential. However for the few who will, the 6800 is the phone you were waiting for. Currently the 6800 is available in 900 and 1800 frequency ranges for European and Asian countries. However a North American model is set to be released using 850 and 1900 Hz.

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