Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Motorola L6 Review

Manufactured from a hybrid glass-filled body to add stability and rigidity, the SLVR L6 is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use that an all-plastic body would be too fragile for.

Prominently displaying a scratch-resistant 65K-color LCD screen at 128 x 160 px in resolution, the front also features Menu, Send, Power / End, and Left and Right soft keys surrounding a 5-way directional keypad.

In order to achieve L6's ultra-thin profile, a conventional numeric keypad could not have been used due to the thickness of the keys. However instead of an electro-luminescent strip used to make the L7's keypad (in one piece), the L6's keys are each made from a cut metal material (each individual key).

Turned around, the back of the L6 integrates a VGA camera, capable of snapping photos at a mediocre 640 x 480 px. However rather than hardened glass used to protect the L7's camera lens, the L6 has a plastic cover to avoid any accidental scratches.

On the left, a Smart Key lets users quickly access likely actions to follow (such as select when a menu item is highlighted), while a dedicated Camera Key along the right gives consumers quick access for impromptu moments. Also along the right, a charging port doubles as the accessory outlet.

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