Thursday, October 18, 2007

Motorola V325 Review

The V325 is traditional, sticking to a conservative design rather than an ultra-thin form factor other Motorola products have so recently popularized. Ideal for the corporate environment, the 91 x 49 x 24 mm clamshell offers a clean and professional look, featuring sleek brushed metal front and back panels surrounded by an easy-to-grip rubberized trim.

Integrating a monochrome LCD on the front, the V325 provides convenient access frequented information with just a glance. A circular mirror allows consumers to take self-portraits when activating the VGA camera lens to the left. And when incoming calls occur, fun ring lights illuminate the curved border below the stylized Motorola logo.

On the right, a Voice Recognition Key activates voice dialing and voice command features, while Volume Keys along the left turn off incoming call alerts, change earpiece volume during calls, and change ringer volume from the home screen. Nearby, a headset jack and dedicated Speakerphone Key offer handsfree access. Outlets for the Accessory Port and Charger are located on the bottom.

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