Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3i Review

The clear area that surrounds the 65K-color external LCD has grown and now encompasses the Motorola logo that glows blue whenever the external screen's backlight is activated. The small external screen offers at-a-glance access to the time, network status, and battery strength.

Located at the top of the phone is the 1.23-megapixel digital camera which allows the user to take photos up to 1280 x 960 px. For self-portraits or group shots the external LCD can be used as the viewfinder.

Along the sides of the phone are shortcut keys that allow for easy access when the clamshell is closed or while speaking on the phone. A dedicated Voice Key on the right activates the MotoSpeak advanced speech recognition feature. Along the left side, the Volume Keys can be used to adjust the volume of the ringer, earpiece, and external speaker. Below the volume buttons, a Smart Key has a variety of uses - including as a selection key or to take a picture with the clamshell closed. A multi-function port on the bottom left accommodates the charger, Motorola headset, or USB cable to connect to a PC.

The external speaker for use with the Speakerphone or MP3 player can be found on the bottom of the handset's back. The upper half of the back comes off to reveal the battery, memory, and SIM cards.

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