Friday, October 19, 2007

Nokia 6102i Review

Basic and incoming information is displayed on the 4K-color external LCD, such as battery level and signal strength. With the VGA camera lens above, photos can be captured up to 640 x 480 px in resolution, activated by pressing the dedicated Camera Key located on the right edge.

Also along the right, an infrared port conveniently lets consumers send, receive, and synchronize data wirelessly. Volume Keys on the left adjust earpiece and ringer volumes during calls and standby.

For handsfree communication, a speakerphone is integrated on the spine, while the multi-functional Pop-Port connection is positioned on the bottom. Transmitting at rates of up to 230 kbps, the Nokia designed outlet functions as the charger and accessory port, even offering stereo sound with the use of headphones.

Opened, the 6102i reveals its 65K-color internal screen, with two soft keys below to provide convenient access to shortcuts. The comfortable 5-way keypad provides easily navigate through the menu, while a standard numeric keypad offers fast text messaging through T9 predictive text.

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