Sunday, October 14, 2007

LG VX6000 Review

CDMA varies with GSM and TDMA fundamentally based on how voice is transmitted through the airwaves. The inherent technical properties of CDMA makes voice quality more resistant to interference and noise. That results in cleaner and clearer voices.

The VX6000 voice quality is much better than GSM phones. It has to do more with the technology and service rather than to phone itself. But regardless, superior nonetheless.

So if CDMA is the better technology why didn't it take off? Well, simply put, because the rest of the world already had already settled on a standard. GSM's appeal was its ability to store customer information on a SIM card. So swapping phones was effortless. With Europe and Asia firmly embracing GSM, CDMA came too late and was always the minority. So the VX6000 is not compatible when outside the Verizon network. To many this may not be what they are looking for. If a world phone is needed, then GSM is the way to go.

From a hardware perspective, the VX6000 is stunning. With color internal and external screens, the VX6000 is sure to be a hit. As for ring tones, the phone is CMX 3.0 compliant. Midi files can to be converted to 16 bit mono wav and used for ring tones. As opposed to midis which is like storing a sheet music of notes to play. By using wav files, VX6000 has the ability to not only play music, but use voices, or real music from CDs.

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