Thursday, October 18, 2007

Motorola V265 Review

The urban chic and sophisticated design of the V265 is sure to attract refined consumers.

With the flip closed, it's black finish and uncluttered exterior is simple yet elegant. On the front, the external grayscale screen displays basic information such as time, network status, and battery strength. And a lens for the integrated VGA camera sits above it, able to snap images of up to 640 x 480 px.

The sides contain quick access to useful functions as well. Along the left side of the V265 are volume keys used to adjust earpiece and ringer volume, and a speakerphone key used to enable handsfree mode.

Advanced voice recognition functions can also be activated with the press of a key on the right side. With Motorola's new speaker independent feature, users can find contact names without having to touch the keypad or pre-recording a name. While pressing and holding allows users to record comments, contacts, and shortcut names.

Outlets for attaching items are located along the top and bottom of the phone. The top contains an outlet jack for a headset, while the bottom contains the charger and accessory ports.

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