Sunday, October 14, 2007

LG Fusic Review

On the front panel, a color external screen allows users to glance at frequented information and control the MP3 player through the external navigational pad below. Up / Down, Rewind, Play / Pause, and Fast Forward Keys let music listeners conveniently control tracks without having to open the phone. Slightly awkward in design, the directional keys don't actually depress like the middle key, causing overly-touchy actions that cause frequent mis-presses and scrolling

The external speaker port is located on the bottom right corner. When the Fusic is flipped open to watch streaming videos, the speaker points in the opposite direction of the internal screen, blasting sound away from the watcher. Rather ineffectively placed, consumers will unfortunately need headphones to clearly hear audio from streaming videos.

Turned around, the lens to the 1.3-megapixel camera captures photos up to 1280 x 960 px in resolution. A built-in flash nearby ensures consumers can get shots in low light conditions.

The left and right edges integrate convenient keys for shortcuts. The left contains a microSD expansion card port, Volume Keys to adjust the ring and voice volumes during standby and calls, and a Voice Services Key to let users dial contacts or record voice memos. On the right, a Camera Key lies below a 2.5mm Headset Jack for handsfree communication or private music listening. The Charger and Accessory Jacks are located on the bottom side.

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