Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Samsung SCH-A870 Review

Instead, it offers the standard array of mid-range features packaged together with a mid-range price. Keeping its lower price in mind, the A870 is hardly a disappointment; it offers a nice design, a VGA camera with flash, Bluetooth, voice command and other handy features.

The design features both internal and external screens, as well as a two-tone exterior. Display options give users some leeway to customize wallpapers, fonts, and color schemes. And while the camera doesn't take print-quality images, it does feature various tools for fine-tuning PC-ready photos, as well as color effects for some added fun.

Audio features standard MIDI ringtones as well as VibeTonz, which causes the phone to vibrate along to song beats or game action. The Internet connectivity is not the most cutting-edge, but the cdma2000 1xRTT certainly gets the job done when it comes to messaging and browsing the Mobile Web network, while a handful of Bluetooth technologies allow for the most common accessories - headsets and hands-free kits.

Operating on the higher-end of standard, the A870 is no state-of-the-art multimedia communication device, but it remains a strong mid-level offering from Verizon.

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