Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nokia 7250 Review

On a bright note, the 7250 plays ring tones through its internal speaker rather than an ordinary buzzer. That means you'll get vastly improved sound quality for ring tones, alerts, and game tones.

What has been improved upon is the new addition of a built-in camera. With Sony Ericsson, and Samsung planning cameras in their new phones, Nokia had to follow. In terms of image quality, it's not the best. But what would you expect from a camera phone. It's main purpose is talking on the phone. It does it's job for taking quick snaps of some idea you jog a napkin, or taking pictures of people to stick as your background. But aside from that, don't expect to get printable photos.

Things that Nokia hasn't added since the 7210 are still voice commands. If you use this feature a lot, it'll be quite disappointing to you. Better get your thumbs ready, because they'll get quite a workout.

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