Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nokia N75 Review

Optimizing for design, the N75 sports an internal antenna. A small, black Power Key is positioned at the top of the phone, while the top left hand side has a large tab that covers the USB Port. The USB Port provides connectivity with a PC or a compatible media player. Nokia PC Suite software can be used to print images or transfer data. The Charger plugs into a port below the USB Port.

Below on the left side is a smaller tab that covers the microSD card slot, allowing users to expand storage space with extra memory cards. This cover is less flimsy than some, but it still seems delicate enough to break at some point.

A bi-directional Volume Key on the upper right side also doubles as the Zoom Key during Camera Mode. Directly below, an Infrared Port lets consumers transfer data wirelessly to other devices. Above the multi-function Mode Key gives users added convenience by switching between different applications. The bottom right is the Camera Key, which activates the camera and camcorder and snaps photos with the phone open or closed.

While the keypad is overall very simple and well designed, some users might have difficulty with the Menu key and Music Key. These two buttons are positioned between the Call, End and Right and Left Selection Keys. One misplaced touch to the Menu or Music Key brings up those applications, and can interrupt texting or dialing.

Key multimedia features on the N75's exterior are the two 3D speakers located discretely at the top corners, and the three simple Music Player buttons on the face, below the display.

Back and Forward arrows straddle a Play / Pause Key, and all three Multi-Function Keys control other applications in addition to music. A blue light pops up behind the keys with the touch of a finger, an attractive color that ties in well with the black exterior.

Out of the box, the Nokia N75 comes with an 800 mAh Li-Ion Battery, Charger, Data Cable, Quick Start Guide, and User Manual.

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