Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nokia 7200 Review

An external monochrome 96 x 36 px display is included on the front lid, offering information such as time, missed calls, messages, and caller ID. Additionally, there are animated black-and-white screensavers for the mini display to add to the 7200's look.

The internal screen is a 65,000 color 128 x 128 px TFT display. Up to 5 lines for text can be shown in basic mode with 16-pixel font. TFT, as opposed to STN, has the circuit transistors placed on the glass at the pixel location instead of the need to scan the pixel location. This results in greatly increasing the response time and allows for very fast refresh rates. Up until now, Nokia's new releases have primarily been 4096 colors, and have lagged behind other manufacturers. But the 7200's display is wonderfully bright, crisp, and colorful.

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