Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Samsung MM-A900 Review

Using a lightweight magnesium metal instead of more commonly used plastic shell, Samsung managed to increase the rigidity of the A900 to withstand the everyday wear and tear of daily use.

Maintaining its slim profile, the front panel prominently features a brilliant 65K-color screen to glance at essential and incoming information. Blasting music through dual external speakers on the bottom corners, music listeners can control the built-in MP3 player through dedicated Rewind, Play / Pause, and Fast Forward Keys; all without ever having to open the phone

On the right, Volume Keys adjust earpiece and tone levels during calls and standby, and Power and Accessory Interface Connectors allow users to connect optional accessories such as the USB cable to transfer music and multimedia from a PC. Should users want to enjoy the music privately, headphones can be connected to the Headset Jack on the right side, also doubling as the output port for handsfree access. And a Camera / Voice Memo Key nearby allows consumers to take pictures in Camera Mode or record voice memos during a call.

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