Sunday, October 14, 2007

LG VX8700 Review

Flipping the phone open reveals a flat, brushed metal keypad that continues the design of the exterior of the phone. The mirror-like surface of the interior display, when the backlight turns off, continues the theme of the external display. The keypad is strikingly similar to Motorola's early RAZR models.

The large size of the keys can be an attractive feature of the keypad or a problematic one, depending on whether users dial by touch without looking at the keys. The conventional push-button keypad is completely flat and allows for faster dialing because users' fingers can glide across it with ease.

The VX8700 features a one-touch speakerphone, and Verizon Wireless' Get It Now music and ringtones can be accessed with the arrow keys. Arrow keys can also be used to pull up VCAST video and personal photo and videos, and to access Mobile Web 2.0 and the calendar.

A one-touch button on the lower right side of the VX8700 is also a faster way to bring up the camera, camcorder and saved media. Volume controls can also be adjusted easily with the two small buttons on the top left side of the phone, and settings include vibrate and alarm only as well as different sound levels.

The small speaker is located at the top of the phone, yet the highest volume level on the VX8700 was not very loud. The handheld comes with 13 ringtones as well as vibrate and silent modes, and quick access to Verizon Wireless' Get it Now music and tones to customize the phone's ringtone.

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