Sunday, October 14, 2007

LG VX7000 Review

Throughout the review many comparisons will be made with the VX6000. The VX6000 was the foundation that the VX7000 was built on. Therefore, many features will be similar, while others will have been upgraded.

Although the VX7000 is plastic, the build quality of the VX7000 is significantly better than the VX6000. Small details have been improved upon resulting in more stable operation, and more solid open and close construction.

The front of the VX7000 features an external screen. With 4096 colors, the 96 x 96 px STN display shows common information such as battery life, date, time, and network status. However, located directly above the external screen lies the built-in camera flash. When the VX7000 is flipped open, the flash is pointed at the subject, allows users to take pictures in low light conditions.

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