Sunday, October 14, 2007

LG VX6100 Review

With the VX6100 closed, the front panel features an grayscale external display for quick access to caller ID, time, network status, battery charge, and other useful information. Directly above lies the lens for the built-in CMOS VGA digital camera, able to capture photos at up to 640 x 480 px. A handy feature is the addition of a cover to protect the camera lens. By sliding it down, users can easily activate the camera mode for quick shots.

New to the VX6100 not found on the VX6000 is a flash located next to the lens. Many phones nowadays include digital cameras, but not flashes. For impromptu night shots, these camera phones are unable to low-light shots due to underexposure. By providing an attached flash, the VX6100 becomes is able to provide day and night coverage for those unexpected moments.

When flipped open, an internal 128 x 160 px 262K TFT screen becomes visible, capable of displaying up to 7 lines of text. Additionally, a blue backlit numeric keypad and 5-way directional keys are used to navigate through the VX6100's menu structure.

The sides of the VX6100 contain several functions as well. The left side contains a headset jack, while side keys are used to adjust the ringer volume in standby mode and earpiece volume during calls. A voice command key is also conveniently placed allowing users quick access to voice commands. The right side contains the side camera key for quick access to camera functions.

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