Friday, October 19, 2007

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic Review

With an LCD display that is one of the most practical on the market, four buttons appear below the screen when the 5300 is closed; along with the Toggle Key with an OK / Menu button in the center. Consumers can use the Camera and Music Player, silence the phone or change the ringtone, receive text messages and access voice mail all without sliding the phone open. Since there are so few buttons around the screen, Nokia manufactured them large enough to easily find without having to look down at the phone. The QVGA, 262K-color display measures 2.0-inches (320 x 240 px resolution).

An inconvenience, users have to remove the back cover to access the microSD slot. The cover also protects the camera lens with a transparent coating, so photographers don't have to remove the back cover to snap a photo. Furthermore, directly to the right of the lens is a small circular mirror to help aim the camera should users take photos with themselves in it. Above the memory card slot, in the top left corner is the Headset Jack, accessible without having to remove any parts.

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