Sunday, October 14, 2007

LG CG225 Review

Measuring 85 x 48 x 23 mm, the CG225 is moderately sized and most users will find it fits well in the hand or pocket and won't weigh users down, as it tips the scales at just 93 grams.

The front of the CG225 features its external LCD which provides the time as well as caller ID, battery, signal, and ringer status. While small and monochrome, the display remains active and is clear even in bright or dark conditions (with the backlight). The phone's 0.3-megapixel camera lens is surrounded by a chrome ring and located in the top center of the camera, above the LCD.

Volume buttons are located along the left side of the phone for easy in-call adjustment. The headset port is above the volume buttons and will accept a standard headset jack. Positioned on the right side of the phone is a dedicated camera button.

The connector for the charger and data cable is located on the bottom of the phone. Covering the output, the rubber plug unfortunately doesn't remain connected to the handset, so it may be easily misplaced. By sliding off the back cover, users can gain access to the battery and SIM card.

Opening the clamshell reveals the CG225's undersized internal LCD screen. Just 128 x 128 px, the display is bright but offers little contrast and appears washed out. Below the screen, the CG225's 5-Way directional keypad and sufficiently large numeric buttons provide relative ease of navigation.

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