Friday, October 19, 2007

Nokia 3200 Review

What users may not realize is the incredible versatility and customizability of the 3200. The outer casing of the phone is made of two transparent plastic halves. The front and back plates separate to reveal colored templates. This is what gives the phone its design and color. Each phone contains three interchangeable template images for users to change depending on their moods.

But if consumers are particularly creative, 3200 users have the ability to apply their own distinctive flare. The templates are just pieces of paper with colors and patterns. To create their own, simply take any photo, picture, paper, etc., and cut it to the template size. The Nokia 3200 has ten sheets with templates that can be placed in the printer. A cutter accessory can be purchased to cut the print outs to the exact size or just do it yourself with scissors.

Just because the 3200 is for younger consumers doesn't mean it doesn't have all the great features found on high end phones. The 3200 comes with a built-in camera with the ability to take photos in two resolutions: 352 x 288 px and 80 x 96 px. While, not necessarily high enough quality to print out photos, the picture size is fairly good after viewing it on a PC.

For those mundane days, the 3200 can keep people entertained with its built-in FM radio. Users can tune into their favorite station and listen to music wherever they go with the included stereo headphones. The 3200 allows people to tune manually or automatically and save up to 20 radio channels.

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