Sunday, October 14, 2007

LG VX8000 Review

A camera lens and flash are situated above providing high resolution photos at 1280 x 960 px in size. While a rotating Camera Key around the lens offers quick camera function control between Portrait and Macro Modes. Left, Right, and Select keys are located below the screen, providing convenient access to shortcuts such as Rewind, Fast Forward, and Play / Stop when listening to the built-in MP3 player. And dual speakers ports located underneath allow for stereo sound.

Turned around, the back includes a capped external antenna port on the upper left, for those times when the extendable antenna may not be enough.

Flipped opened, the LG VX8000 features an impressive 176 x 220 px internal monitor, also able to display 262K colors. The 5-way keypad provides navigation through the menu, flanked by Send, End / Power, Clear, Camera, and Left and Right soft keys. Standard numeric keys provide trouble-free messaging, utilizing T9 predictive text.

Side Keys used to adjust the ringer volume in standby and earpiece volume during a call are located on the left side. Additionally, a dedicated Voice Dial Key and 2.5 mm headset jack are positioned there. Meanwhile, for those impromptu moments, a side key along the right quickly enables Camera Mode at the press of a button. Outlets for attaching the charger and accessories are located on the bottom.

Out of the box, the LG VX8000 comes with a standard 1100 mAh Li-Polymer battery, AC adapter, stereo headset, Quick Start CD, and user manual.

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