Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Motorola A630 Review

The exterior of the A630 is rather unassuming. The front features a grayscale external display similar to many models on the market today. Its layout is stereotypical of most phone designs, with standard placement of the 5-way navigation and numeric keypads, and a lens that peeks out from the top right corner, able to capture photos at up to 640 x 480 px.

Flipped open, the dull exterior makes a complete 180, exposing a brilliant 65K 176 x 220 px TFT screen, able to display 8 lines of text and two service lines. The full keyboard underneath has a 5-way keypad embedded in the center for convenient navigation. Additionally, directional keys (W, A, D, X, L, N, ALT, and .) are dedicated for playing games. Depending on the game, Q, E, Z, and C keys can be utilized as well.

The left side of the A630 contains buttons for quick and convenient access to camera and volume functions, while the right side includes a headset jack for handsfree access. Outlets for charger and connector ports to attach additional accessories lie on the bottom.

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