Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sony Alpha 100 Review

Sony Alpha A-100 D-SLR - Absolutely recommended
All in all, Sony has come up with a decent camera in the Alpha 100. A good beginning is half the battle. Consider the price/quality ration in the current market and you will see that the well known DSLR manufacturers have suddenly been confronted with a competitor to be afraid of! Not only is the Sony Alpha 100 a pleasure to work with, it also gives great results. People who now work with a Konica Minolta can go on to Sony without a hitch. This is immediately a strong point for Sony. As well as launching a camera, it has come up with an enormous range of accessories and lenses. The Sony Alpha 100 is only the beginning of Sony's rise in the world of reflex cameras. To the competitors, one can only say - watch the Sony Alpha 100 - this camera is ready to conquer market share!

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