Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sanyo Xacti C1 Review

In general the Xacti C1 EX camera is an attractive digital camera. The design is beautiful and the camera is easy to use. The division of the menu in Basic and Expert is an inventive way to increase the user friendliness of the camera. The useful docking station completes the story. Still we are criticising something: the price. It simply is too high. This camera would be extremely suitable to be adopted by the mass but the price tag is the biggest obstacle. Beside that some features don't meet the nowadays standards. The time span when storing movie clips on the delivered memory card is far too long, the camera is not capable of taking series of images and the range of the internal flash is too limited.

The operation of the camera is fine and well-organised. The camera fits perfectly in the hand and is comfortable considering weight and size to carry around with you. The quality of the movie clips is excellent and the quality of the stereo sound that comes with it is a welcoming contribution.

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