Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sanyo Xacti E6 Review

Sanyo E6 camera - Quality pictures
The camera's housing is of high quality and no comments can be made on parts such as the 3x optical zoom lens. The lens can be set from wide angle to telephoto in 8 stops precisely. The speed of zooming is very pleasant, not restlessly speedy, but convincingly approaching the target. In practice the images are true-coloured. In some cases colour shifting appears, although not always visible straight away. The Xacti E6 also does well with backlit images; only showing chromatic aberration here and there, but not excessively and compared with competing cameras it performs averagely. The noise ratio until and including 100 ISO is perfect, higher ISO values contain more noise. The auto white balance is capable of filtering nearly every image to a neutral reproduction with the exception of shooting in strong artificial light. You really have to adjust the white balance and choose the type of artificial light that you're shooting in to prevent excessive colour cast.

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