Monday, October 8, 2007

Olympus E410 Review

Olympus E-410 Conclusion
The moment it globally sunk in that the first real digital compact SLR camera - the Olympus E-400 - would not be available worldwide, everybody was disappointed. But with the worldwide introduction of the Olympus E-410 Olympus certainly made up for it. Not only the global availability distinguishes the Olympus E-410 from the rest but also its specifications have definitely been improved. The compact size remained the same for the E-410 but the camera's interior has certainly been worked at in this short period of a couple of months. Firstly the image sensor that was delivered by Kodak has now been delivered by Panasonic for the Olympus E410. The 10 Megapixels of resolution stayed on and is largely sufficient to get along with in the busy segment that the Olympus E410 is positioned.

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