Monday, October 8, 2007

Olympus E400 Review

Olympus E-400 recommended for first-time SLR users!
The Olympus E-400 made a good impression on me during the test. If you look at the target group and the idea with which the camera was designed, the E400 meets nearly all the requirements necessary to make it the most comfortable take-along digital SLR camera of the present moment. However, I think that SLR owners are people who clearly demand and require more. I'm not sure if the Olympus E400 can live up to these requirements in the long term or whether the quickly reached limitations become visible depends upon the user. In regard to quality, the Olympus E-400 is an excellent digital SLR camera which is extremely easy to use and very user friendly. A camera for the masses? Definitely! Die hard photographers may look for a SLR camera that is more in the direction of a (semi-)professional camera, but this is a great camera for anyone taking their first steps in digital SLR photography.

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