Monday, October 8, 2007

Olympus E330 Review

Olympus E330 SLR camera - Conclusion
All in all, the feelings on the Olympus E330 are positively mixed. The image quality should be improved, and the same goes for certain other features such as the live view and the white balance setting. On the other hand, the Olympus E330 is simply a delightfully sassy camera that -in addition to offering a live view- provides the user with a great range of settings that would certainly befit a professional camera. It seems that Olympus use the Olympus E330 mainly to try out a variety of new things on the consumer. And something can always be said for that. A pity, however, that it comes with a slightly higher price-tag than the one attached to the E500. Nevertheless, the Olympus E330 is a more than excellent camera, albeit one with slightly eccentric whims. But let's be honest: doesn't that have its charms in a world where we already see too much of the same thing.

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