Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sony Cybershot DSC W1 Review

The optical zoom is, as said before, standard, being a 3x optical zoom. In fact not very special, and maybe the competitors will make Sony put in a 4x optical range into the new generation or a wide angle. The resolution of 5 Megapixels offers every freedom for making enlargements. Beside that image editing is possible and enlargements of a crop to a 10x15 size print out belong to the possibilities. The different resolutions offer a great choice, the compression is rather limited with two choices, but sufficient. Sony didn't dare to pay attention to the RAW format beside the JPEG compression. It wouldn't look bad on the W1!

The speed at which the camera starts up, and the speed of realising the first image is impressive. The times of slow start-up times and having to wait a while before being able to capture the first image are over as far as Sony is concerned. The features of the W1 in short: speed, rapid image process, excellent focus even under difficult circumstances, large display of 2.5 inch and a very successful energy management.

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