Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sony Cybershot DSC F828 Review

The DSC-F828 has a few considerable competitors, the one is more compact, and the other still lives on the concept from a few years ago. But one thing is for sure: the Sony DSC-F828 is a very attractive camera and in many respects a sound competitor for cameras like the EOS 300D from Canon. The marvellous bright lens with a 7x optical range is a strong trump for Sony. One who equips his system camera like the EOS 300D with a similar lens will be surprised of the final price that has to be paid for such a combination. The DSC-F828 is worth every penny, the camera has a lot to offer and is equipped with the latest technological innovations on digital photography; in short, if you meet this camera at you local dealer shop, don't hesitate and get to know Sony's latest showpiece, it's recommended!

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