Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ricoh Caplio R2 Review

Ricoh R2 digital camera - Classy design
The Ricoh Caplio R2 is very similar to the Caplio R1 digital camera. The enhanced resolution and the altered ergonomics in combination with the large sized LCD monitor, are sufficient features to be able to speak of an improved design. The housing of the camera feels very firm and the grip feels safe. The camera is comfortable to hold and reducing the buttons in size hasn't lead to fussing about with them. The large sized monitor is a joy to work with and the lack of an optical viewfinder is certainly not a great loss. The design of the camera is classy and neat. The startup time of the Ricoh Caplio is outstanding and pleasant. The camera's optical range of a 4x optical zoom (28 – 135mm) is ideal. The 28mm is fine for landscape images, for capturing group photos and shooting indoor images. Ricoh has a reputation to keep up on the field of speed, think of shutter response time, but the competing brands are approaching closely, or passed that point already with new innovations.

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