Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ricoh Caplio R1 Review

The division of the buttons and the limited amount of them is praise-worthy. The camera can be operated with ease and is well organized. The size of the buttons is somewhat larger than the standard buttons we usually find on compact cameras. This is very convenient for those who's fingers' size doesn't run parallel with the size of the camera. The speed at which the camera lets itself operate is excellent. Precious moments like playing children won't get lost, even when the camera has to be switched from non-active to active. A feature that is appreciated and warmly welcomed by many consumers.

All in all, our experience with the Ricoh Caplio R1 was a very nice experience. It is an extremely pleasant digital camera to work with. Beside its good looks, the camera offers high quality images. If you are looking for a compact sized digital camera, a nice design and of course good quality pictures, you will find it in the Caplio R1. Beside that, the camera will definitely surprise you by the unprecedented speed of focussing and capturing images!

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