Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canon PowerShot G7 Review

Announced just before Photokina 2006 in September 2006, the G7 came as something of a surprise to many who had written off the G series of high end PowerShots when the G6 (launched 2004) wasn't updated last year. The G series has a long and distinguished history at the top of Canon's PowerShot range, offering SLR-like functionality in a solid, compact body and high-end features such as fast lenses and external flash capabilities. The G7 continues the tradition, adding all Canon's latest gizmos (including the new Digic III processor, face detection and image stabilization), though since its announcement there has been heated discussion about some of Canon's decisions - particularly the loss of raw mode and the slower lens. So let's find out if the new model is a worthy successor to the G6, or if Canon really has - as some users feel - squandered the legacy of one of the most acclaimed cameras in the short history of digital photography.

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