Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canon PowerShot G6 Review

Successor to the popular PowerShot G5 the new PowerShot G6 was announced on 19th August 2004. At the beginning of the year it became clear that Canon wouldn't be jumping on the six megapixel 1/1.8" CCD bandwagon, instead they were holding off for the higher resolution seven megapixel sensor and chose to introduce both the G6 and S70 with this CCD in August. The increase in output pixel count from the G5 to the G6 is quite a bit more (2.0 million pixels) than from the G3 to the G5 (1.2 million pixels) and so it's likely that the G6 will be of considerable interest to G5 owners and also those G3 owners who chose not to upgrade to the G5.

Although the G6 looks quite a bit different to the G5 (it's 16 mm narrower) it has the same lens (although apparently with improved coatings to cut down CA) a similar control layout and feature set.

The PowerShot G6 becomes one of the first prosumer digital cameras to utilize the new 1/1.8" seven megapixel CCD. Just to add a little confusion to the mix Canon isn't particularly logical with its naming conventions; PowerShot S60 (5 megapixel), PowerShot S70 (7 megapixel), PowerShot G5 (5 megapixel), PowerShot G6 (7 megapixel).

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