Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canon PowerShot G2 Review

Canon unveiled the original PowerShot G1 just before Photokina last year (September 2000). It took quite a few people who were expecting a Pro70 replacement by surprise. The G1 immediately struck a chord with people considering Nikon's Coolpix 990 or Olympus's C-3030Z. And here we are just less than 12 months on with the next evolution, the 4.0 megapixel PowerShot G2.

The G2 is based on the same 'prosumer compact camera' form factor with an almost central lens, viewfinder window and right-handed flash unit. Immediately obvious this time around is that Canon realized the little 'blip' of rubber on the G1 wasn't enough as a sensible grip, now we get a fully moulded (though plastic and a little thin) hand grip. The second most obvious change is the colour. The camera is done out in a kind of 'three tone' - the front is champagne coloured magnesium alloy, the center (top / sides) silver plastic and the rear a kind of metallic painted silver plastic.

The G2 features the same extending 3x, F2.0 - F2.5 'Canon Zoom Lens' (which I'm assured is made by Canon) as we saw on the G1 and the ring surrounding the lens can be removed to take the optional lens thread adapter, required to add optional wide angle, telephoto or macro lenses.

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