Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canon G1 Review

A departure from the norm? Not what was expected? A few sites have claimed the G1 is the "replacement for the Pro 70". I personally have other thoughts. The G1 is a direct competitor to Nikon's 990 and Olympus's C-3030Z, it has a completely different form-factor to the Pro 70 (it's more like the S range) and doesn't feature Canon's recently announced 10x optical zoom stabilised digital camera lens.

The G1 is slightly larger and heavier than the S10/S20 size but still smaller than some of its competition. The G1 appeared sporting all the features many people had been begging for, a flip-out and twist LCD, RAW file format, Microdrive compatibility, flash hot-shoe, lots of manual features.. The question is was Canon a few months too late to capture the prosumer 3 megapixel market or will the G1 make its mark in digital camera history?

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