Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Samsung GX-1S Review

Samsung GX-1S - DSLR camera market
The Samsung GX-1S will certainly not be the only Samsung we will encounter in the near future. That is, besides the GX-1L of course, a camera that has already been announced, and that is based on the Pentax *ist DL2. The renumbered models of Pentax at least form the first step. In fact, I would not be surprised if Samsung baffle us all with something truly amazing one of these days. After all, it just wouldn't be right for a cutting-edge electronics brand like Samsung to sell something that clearly does not come from Samsung. It seems unlikely to me that the next Samsung will be an exact copy of the Pentax K100D. Samsung will simply have to come with something more convincing. After all, if one is presented with the choice between a relatively unfamiliar DSLR photo brand like Samsung, and the already established and distinguished Pentax, I must admit I cannot think of a reason why to go for the former. Did I not say in the introduction that photographers often turn out to be quite conservative?

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