Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kodak EasyShare P712 Review

Kodak EasyShare P712 Test conclusion
As such I have mixed feelings about the Kodak P712 test. On one hand there is the ease of a compact design, great optical range and handy image stabilization, and it provides much user-friendliness. On the other hand there is the disappointing quality of the ISO and the limited ISO range, as well as the, sometimes slow, reaction speed of the camera. It makes me feel as if Kodak eased their way out at these points. Had it been so that the competition showed the same images I would have been milder in my judgment. But with the current technology and hardware/software quality a lot more is possible, and that is where Kodak fails. The Kodak EasyShare P712 is an attractive camera for the every day shots of the beginning photographer. The Kodak EasyShare P712 may certainly not be seen as the alternative to a digital SLR camera. The difference between them is just too big.

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