Thursday, October 4, 2007

Casio Exilim EX-V7 Review

Announced back in January at the CES show, the EX-V7 is the latest in a long - and generally successful - range of slim, feature-packed Exilim models from Casio. As well as an impressive set of specifications (CCD shift image stabilization, 7x / 38-266mm equiv. zoom, MPEG movies and a wealth of features) and a super-slim all-metal body (under 21mm thick at its thinnest point) the EX-V7 boasts a new version of Casio's image processing engine. This brings several new technologies to the V7; motion analysis (to ensure a higher ISO and shutter speed are used if needed to freeze fast moving subjects), Auto Tracking AF and enhanced noise reduction and tonal control. As the world's slimmest 7x zoom camera the EX-V7 is certainly an enticing product for anyone wanting a bit more lens reach without losing pocketability, but is it any good? Let's find out, starting as ever with the headline features:

  • 59.8 mm high, 95.5 mm wide, and 25.1 mm thin (20.8 mm at the thinnest part)
  • Cutting-edge, non-protruding 7X internal optical zoom lens (38-266mm equiv.)
  • New CCD shift system actually mechanically compensates for camera shake.
  • Automatically analyzes the velocity and vector of a moving subject and sets the most appropriate ISO sensitivity and shutter speed.
  • “Auto Tracking AF” function follows moving subjects
  • Tonal control lets users keep bright areas of the scene bright by limiting the occurrence of dark pixels.
  • Offers ability to selectively eliminate noise in designated color regions, such as the sky.
  • Boasts faster image processing functions that enable instantaneous color correction or angle adjustment.
  • High-quality movies using next-generation H.264 video encoding method
  • Silent lens motion enables optical zooming while recording movies in stereo sound.
  • Records 16:9 wide-aspect movies compatible with wide-screen TVs.

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