Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Canon PowerShot S45 Review

A year after I reviewed the PowerShot S40 I'm here reviewing a camera which to all intents and purposes looks identical to that camera. The PowerShot S45 has the same case, lens, CCD sensor, LCD, control layout etc. as the S40. However what has changed significantly are the internals of the camera. This is immediately noticeable upon first using the camera with its modified menu layout and new FUNC button for quick control of photographic settings such as exposure compensation, white balance, ISO sensitivity, drive mode etc.

Other less noticeable changes include the use of Canon's new DiGiC processor technology which promises better image quality, improved auto focus and auto exposure, better automatic white balance, lower noise, faster image processing and extended camera features. Another new addition is an orientation sensor which allows the camera to automatically orientate the image correctly (portrait / landscape) at playback.

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