Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS Review

Exactly two years ago I was handed the first ever camera reviewed on this site, it was Canon's Pro 70.. And, at the time it was most definitely the class leader, I gave it a positive review, there were definitely a few drawbacks but image quality was not one of them. Since then many people have cried out for an update to the Pro 70, well guess what folks? It's here...

The new Pro90 however is definitely a very different beast, sporting a 3 megapixel sensor (producing a 2.6 megapixel image) that big 10x optical stabilised lens which we heard about a while back, a TTL electronic viewfinder and the ever popular flip out and twist LCD. Essentially the Pro90 is based on the G1's engine, features and functionality are very similar, obviously the major addition is the big lens.

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