Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canon EOS 30D Review

The model line in which the EOS 30D sits has seen a total of five models, each offering either an upgrade in features, resolution or both. From the EOS D30 to D60 we saw a doubling in megapixel count as well as numerous feature upgrades, from the EOS 10D to 20D again we saw an increase in megapixel count and performance (continuous shooting up to five frames per second). So eighteen months after the EOS 20D comes the EOS 30D, which honestly has to be one of the least exciting upgrades so far. The real headline improvements are a larger LCD monitor, standardizing on 'Picture Style', spot metering, third stop ISO selection and selectable continuous shooting speeds. Despite this subtle update there's still a huge amount of interest around this model, Canon has taken the "if it ain't broken don't fix it" approach to the image pipeline, the EOS 30D has the same sensor and image processor (DIGIC II) as the EOS 20D, and that camera has for the eight megapixel digital SLR benchmark since it was introduced.

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