Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canon EOS-1Ds Review

The EOS-1Ds is Canon's newest professional SLR. Based on the EOS-1D body the EOS-1Ds raises resolution to 11 megapixels, uses a CMOS sensor (just like the EOS-D30 and D60) and is the first Canon digital SLR with a sensor which captures a full 35 mm frame.

Last year Canon introduced the EOS-1D, it was the first professional digital SLR since the EOS-D2000 which was a collaboration with Kodak. The EOS-1D has a 4 megapixel sensor and can capture at an amazing 8 frames per second, clearly targeted at the sports photographer. The EOS-1Ds covers almost every other type of photography, from landscape to portrait, photo journalism to weddings. The ability to use 35 mm lenses at their designed focal length (field of view) combined with the high pixel count will be strong points for those film photographers who have hesitated on going the digital route because of these two issues. The 1Ds is capable of shooting at wider angle than any other digital SLR (at least until the actual release of Kodak's DCS-14n).

The EOS-1Ds body is based around the EOS-1V professional film SLR. From a size point of view the 1Ds body is almost identical to an EOS-1V with the additional powerdrive booster attached. The base of the camera contains the large battery pack and allows for the integration of a vertical (portrait) hand grip and control system. Build quality is superb, the entire body moulded from magnesium alloy with environmental seals around every compartment door, terminal, connector and button.

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