Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Canon EOS-1D Review

Canon's EOS-1D is the first professional digital SLR from Canon since the EOS-D2000 (introduced in March 1998 which was a collaborative effort with Kodak, also known as the Kodak DCS 520). Indeed, the EOS-1D is the first all Canon professional digital SLR. Canon themselves admit that after the EOS-D2000 they were caught dragging their heels somewhat when Nikon released the D1 but believe that they are coming back strong with the 4 megapixel 8 fps EOS-1D.

The EOS-1D is based on the excellent (and highly praised) EOS-1V professional film SLR. The 1D's body is almost identical to an EOS-1V with the additional powerdrive booster attached. The primary differences are the EOS-1D's battery and vertical grip have now become a moulded part of the camera body, and of course that the back of the camera hosts an LCD monitor with variety of 'digital' controls and buttons.

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