Monday, October 1, 2007

2008 Subaru Legacy Review

The 2008 Subaru Legacy sedan is the automaker's bid to go head-to-head with the VW Passat, Volvo S40, and Mazda6. This is the third generation of the Legacy (also offered as a wagon) and frankly, not much is changing in the new model line. The front grille has been toned down a bit and now features a crossbar with wings. The fog lights are a little larger and the taillights a little smaller.

Inside you'll find a staggering sixteen buttons on the steering wheel, which is frankly a little daunting. (The array includes the expected audio and cruise controls as well as the paddle shifters and SI-Drive controls.) Of course you're going to get power windows and locks, remote entry, power seats, heaters, and other amenities. Engine choices include a 2.5-liter, four speed, four cylinder (175 horsepower); a turbo-charged version of the same engine that takes the output up to 243 horsepower; and a 3-liter, five speed, six cylinder with 245 horsepower.

In short, the Legacy has always been a well-rounded sedan and it remains so for 2008. Depending on configuration expect to spent between $20,795 and $31,295 on the 2008 Subaru Legacy.

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