Monday, October 1, 2007

2008 Nissan Xterra Review

The 2008 Nissan Xterra is a rugged SUV with serious off-road handling and power. Four models are offered: the X ($20,050), S ($22,300), Off Road ($26,200), and SE ($25,900.) All are equipped with a 261 horsepower , 4.0-liter, V6 with built-in overdrive, generating 281 lb ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Available as a in both four- and front-wheel drive, estimated fuel economy ranges from 16 city, 22 highway to 17/22 on a 21.1 gallon tank. Interior passenger volume measures 99.8 cubic feet. Cargo space is 35.2 with all seats in the user position; 65.7 with the second row folded flat. Maximum towing capacity is 5,000 lbs.

The Xterra's focus is on handling, and Nissan has loaded it with special features to help it perform well at everything from starting on an incline, to zooming down a hill, including special traction control features and an anti-lock braking system. Off-road models outfitted with a manual transmission are equipped with technology to allow the vehicle to start from a stop without using the clutch. The 4WD system features shift-on-the-fly for severe off-road conditions.

Inside, the 2008 Nissan Xterra is outfitted with a proprietary cargo storage system, which includes two channels in the floor with four adjustable cleats for versatile configuration. (Custom accessories such as an interior bike rack, sliding cargo area divider, and an organizer are also available.)

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