Monday, October 1, 2007

2007 Suzuki Reno Review

Heralded as a compact multipurpose vehicle, the 2007 Suzuki Reno is a 5-door hatchback which ships in one trim level. Well-powered for its size the Reno comes with a 2.o liter, 4-cylinder engine that generates 127 hp and 131 lb-ft of torque through a 5-speed manual transmission. The Suzuki Reno has been in production since 2005 and lends itself well to a number of aftermarket body kits, ground effects, and spoilers.

Outfitted with a generous array of standard features, the 2007 Reno boasts of temperature control, AM/FM/CD, and power everything. Cruising in the 2007 Reno is an experience in comfort and style with its European influenced interior design, boasting ergonomically designed seats and intelligently placed instrumentation. If you crave to personalize your 2007 Reno with a ski rack, metal tipped exhaust pipes, or rear spoiler, these are just a few of the aftermarket accessories available.

Suzuki has engineered the 2007 Reno to be as safe as possible by including driver and front passenger airbags, side impact airbags, side reinforcing door beams, plus the latest in seat belt technology for adults and children. Expect a surprisingly plush ride and minimal road noise from the Reno, with McPherson struts and ample noise absorbing material not included in cars costing thousands more.

With an economy car such as the 2007 Suzuki Reno, one does not expect the degree of sophistication and styling that is integral to every Reno. An inexpensive car does not need to look that way, and Reno's aerodynamic lines, color-integrated bumpers, door handles, and mirrors attest to that. Gas mileage for the 2007 Suzuki Reno is impressive as well, at 22 mpg city and 31 mpg highway. For the price, you get Italian styling, safety first engineering, fuel efficiency, and a fun to drive car that is ready to run, the 2007 Suzuki Reno.

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